Medicare plan is a health insurance plan for the American nationals age 65 or above. This health insurance plan is also applicable for people younger than 65 but with specific disabilities or for the people who are diagnosed with kidney failure (end stage).

This medicare health insurance plan is sponsored through medicare taxes and social security that is deducted from your personal income through premium and some portion from federal budget. People selecting medicare health insurance plan have different options but selecting the best suited for you depends on your overall health, circumstances, preferences and lastly your budget.

What are the 4 types of medicare that customer wants to know. Basically there are two main type of insurance (medicare). The first one is known as original medicare and the second one is known as medicare advantage. There are two sub categories fall under original medicare insurance plan that makes it four in total.

The original medicare plan is free of cost and government is responsible to manage it. On the other hand medicare advantage is approved by government but provided by private firms. There are four types of medicare plans

  • Medicare Part A
  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Part C
  • Medicare Part D

What is Medicare part A?

Medicare part A includes hospital care, nursing care and health care for specific patients meeting criteria. You don’t need to pay premium monthly as far as you are paying medicare tax during your job life cycle. The person who don’t pay enough medicare tax to meet the criteria, they may need to pay to get this coverage plan.

What is Medicare part B?

Medicare part B includes services of doctor visit, x-rays, lab work and outpatient medical services. Important to note down, you don’t need to pay premium in this coverage plan.

What is Medicare part C?

Medicare part C is provided to customers by private insurers. Before marketing this coverage plan the private firms must need to take approval from federal government. It includes some coverage of or plan A and plan B but also includes some drug description coverage. Those who are at end stage kidney failure are not eligible to get the coverage plan.

What is Medicare part D?

The medicare part D includes prescription drugs and it has different approved drugs with different related cost. For this coverage plan, additional monthly premiums must be paid by the customer along with other premiums paid for medicare coverage. It is important to know that these medicare coverage plans doesn’t cover your 100% medical expenses. Most of the plan require certain eligibility criteria to available these medicare coverage plans. Once you get to know about these plans, its right time for you to enroll yourself to a medicare coverage plan.